12 Last-Minute Flower Delivery Services for Valentine’s Day 2020

Although drugstores let us know about Valentine’s Day season long before it arrives, many of us often find ourselves unprepared for the big day when it’s Is arrive. Luckily, we have a selection of excellent flower delivery services for last-minute Valentine’s Day endeavors, ensuring the people we love will feel cherished and celebrated – even if we’ve literally forgotten about it until the very last minute.

With so many amazing start-up floral businesses and classic floral institutions offering up-to-date options, it’s now easier than ever to create a truly personal floral arrangement for someone special – or for yourself. Gone are the days of boring one-note bouquets in old-fashioned vases. These delivery companies that we have selected offer a vast and dynamic offer flower arrangements and handcrafted vases which extend the shelf life of the gift.

Not only will the recipient receive fresh flowers to enjoy for a few weeks, but they will also receive a vase that they can reuse and will be delighted to do so. If you want to opt for a more sustainable gift, you’ll want to check out the plant section that many of these companies offer. Here are the best flower delivery services that will help you get those last-minute flowers delivered just in time. Aka, no one will know you forgot Valentine’s Day.

1. Urban Stems

This incredible arrangement is part of Urban Stem’s range of dried flowers, which means they are carefully dried so you can enjoy them in the condition they arrive forever. This chic minimalist vase is also included.

2. Les Bouqs Co.

This adorable succulent arrangement features two Hoya hearts in cement planters with pink rock accents. They’re the perfect gift to send someone off to work, as they double as great paperweights and desk decor.

3. Floum

This geometric vase with gold trim is a work of art all on its own. Lush red roses are just a bonus.

4. Amazon

You really can get it all on Amazon. This Prime member purchase has expedited free shipping options so you can rest assured your gift will arrive on time and in style.

5. Farmhouse Flowers

Nothing says “farmgirl chic” like a stunning collection of flowers wrapped in a burlap sack. This bouquet includes 15 stems of gorgeous flowers, fun foliage and extras, and is packaged in original recycled biodegradable coffee bags, making it an eco-friendly gift to boot.

6. Lula’s garden

This cactus garden is a fresh take on the classic Valentine’s Day arrangement and a super fun addition to any desk, windowsill, or display shelf.

7. Profiles

Give your Valentine a flower that will live for more than a week. This beautiful mini orchid is easy to care for and could live until the next Valentine’s Day.

8. Sil

This succulent Echeveria Agavoides comes with a candle in a matching vase. Once you’re done using the candle, you can put a sister succulent in it and use it as a planter, making it a double gift that keeps on giving.

9. Ode to the rose

The smaller bouquet option comes with a dozen red roses and flower food that will help them stay fresh for a full week. Same day delivery is available in select cities.

10. Teleflora

The Desert Sunrise collection features both succulents and fresh flowers in an artful and natural bamboo cube vase.

11. H. Bloom

If you’re looking for a cheaper option that doesn’t come with a vase, opt for this rustic set that brings a country vibe to your door.

12. 1-800-FLOWERS

If you’re looking for something more traditionally festive, this bouquet features all the roses the rainbow has to offer, and more.

Terisa K. Carn