12 of the best flower delivery services in Melbourne and Sydney

Send flowers to someone you love.

Melbourne and Sydney may be on the home stretch of their respective lockdowns, but after months stuck in our homes, the days aren’t necessarily getting any easier.

If the last 18 months have taught us anything, it’s that it’s really the little things in life that make all the difference. Something as simple as a flower delivery can be enough to lift our spirits and keep us between endless Zoom calls and walks around the block.

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With that in mind, to help you get through the last few weeks of lockdown, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite flower delivery services in Melbourne and Sydney, each doing things a little differently and bringing a fresh approach to floristry. .


Blossm Bby

Blossm Bby draws inspiration from fashion and architecture to bring floral arrangements to life using contrasting colors. This Melbourne florist defies the rules of conventional floristry and in doing so creates unforgettable and groundbreaking arrangements that could bring any space to life. With a focus on sustainability, Blossm Bby doesn’t throw away any unused product, but dries it up and resells it. Previously located in Collingwood, Blossom Bby is currently moving, but this has not interrupted their delivery services.

Cost: Arrangements range from $40 to $195
Delivery Details: Next day delivery available across Melbourne for orders placed before 5pm, with charges ranging from $10 to $65

Orange Alchemy

Property of artist Yorta Yorta Shahn Stewart, Orange Alchemy is home to bold and distinctive flower arrangements. Shahn’s work focuses on challenging floral art traditions by using unconventional materials to create the organic architecture that is his work. No two works are the same at Alchemy Orange, so you know your order is going to be something special. The Brunswick East business also stands in solidarity with BIPOC communities and donates a portion of its profits to the fight against systemic racism and discrimination. This quarter, he is making a donation to the houses not prisons countryside.

Cost: Arrangements range from $45 to $135
Delivery Details: Orders require 24 hours notice and local delivery is available for $15


Located in Collingwood, Xxflos epitomizes Melbourne’s inner suburbs perfectly with its Instagram-worthy arrangements and astrology-inspired names. From its rustic-looking ‘Pisces Dream Girl’ to the darker ‘Virgo Vixen’, Xxflos is guaranteed to meet all of your aesthetic and horoscope-related needs. Xxflos also handles weddings, scenography and product shoots, with artistic and design skills that can be translated to all levels. Director Kayla Moon also provides a platform for other Naarm-based designers, stocking handmade products from homewares to hoodies.

Cost: Arrangements range from $50 to $150
Delivery Details: Standard delivery day is Friday ($15), but custom delivery can be arranged Monday-Thursday ($30)

sour sunflower

sour sunflower offers vibrant, high-impact floral arrangements throughout Melbourne. With an emphasis on the natural color and texture of flowers, Sour Sunflower creates thoughtful works that pay homage to the beauty of nature and its seasons. Like many others, Sour Sunflower uses bright, bold colors, but manages to do so while maintaining a sense of the natural, subtle beauty of its flowers. Based in Richmond, Sour Sunflower offers delivery for all occasions.

Cost: Arrangements range from $80 to $100
Delivery Details: Next day delivery is available for orders placed before 10pm, delivery within 5km of Richmond is free and $10 delivery is available within 5-10km.

Flower vase

Flower vase was established in 1989 and is highly regarded in Melbourne for its colorful seasonal arrangements. Flowers Vasette combines vibrant colors with lush vegetation to create luxurious bouquets. It offers a huge range of floral delights, from small, simple arrangements to extravagant bouquets, with a wide variety of packaging and vase options to go with them.

Cost: Arrangements range from $50 to $375
Delivery Details: Same day delivery available throughout Melbourne for orders placed before 12 noon, delivery costs vary

Bush flowers and plants

This Carlton North florist and nursery is dedicated to Australian native plants and flowers. It is about celebrating the uniqueness and diversity of Indigenous Australia, which is evident in its arrangements. Bush stocks a range of seasonal Australian flowers and foliage from farms across the country. It’s also proudly floral foam-free, implements reuse and recycling initiatives where possible, and works with its growers to eliminate packaging wherever it can.

Cost: Arrangements range from $15 to $100
Delivery Details: Delivery available Tuesday to Saturday across Melbourne for $5 to $18

Hattie Molloy

Florist Hattie Molloy creates energetic and playful floral installations that have featured in vogue, QG, Vice and design files. Hattie says she finds her inspiration in the surreal and believes in the importance of floristry. Her work features bright and bold arrangements that play with color and other natural elements, such as fruit, to create stunning installations. Her online store also sells streetwear and framed prints.

Cost: Installation prices available on consultation
Delivery Details: Orders can be placed after consultation and delivery will be arranged based on down payment/service


Lenny is a relatively new Melbourne-based florist with a focus on simplicity. Describing himself as simple, a bit lazy and a tree hugger, Lenni couldn’t make things much easier. Its bunches come in two sizes, ‘A little Lenni’ and ‘Beaucoup de Lenni’ (not yet released) and are delivered one day a week. Lenni works with the seasons to create seasonal bouquets and uses no plastic in her designs. It gives a whole new meaning to the old adage “there is beauty in simplicity” he does one thing and he does it well.

Cost: Arrangements from $120 to $220
Delivery Details: Delivery available in Melbourne only on Fridays for $15 or $30



These “flowers from your wildest dreams” are unlike anything you’ve seen before. Acid.flwrs turns orchids into works of art by artificially coloring them by hand injecting them with color. This souring process does not damage the flowers or affect their lifespan, and these very unique blooms usually last two to three weeks. Acid.flwrs not only breaks with tradition when it comes to their designs, they also operate differently from the average florist, releasing their limited edition drop orchids. While the next drop is sold out, you can keep up to date with new collections on its website.

Cost: Arrangements range from $60 to $250
Delivery details: Orders available for limited edition drops only with delivery available to inner Sydney suburbs

Edan Flowers

Sydney based florist Edan Flowers offers sophisticated and strong floral works and “takes a fresh look at flowers, their names, their meanings, their significance and their ability to communicate a thought, a feeling and a message through their form, their colors, their fragrance and their composing”. Edan Flowers arrangements are worldly expressions of the art that exists in floristry. His designs are simple and incredibly striking, with an emphasis on colors and tones that complement each other.

Cost: Arrangements range from $90 to $320
Delivery Details: Same day and future delivery available across Sydney

poho flowers

poho flowers is a Sydney-based florist that provides Sydneysiders with contemporary and colorful flower arrangements. Poho sources its flowers from local growers and stocks Australian plants exclusively. Although he focuses on Australian flora, his bouquets are not limited to those of native nature. Poho experiments with different colors and textures to create uniquely beautiful floral arrangements, often including greenery and foliage to bring her work to life.

Cost: Arrangements range from $60 to $530
Delivery Details: Same day delivery available across Sydney


If you’re looking for flowers that last a lifetime, look no further than Everbloom. Preserved flower lovers create timeless and elegant arrangements from natural flowers that undergo a drying treatment. Through his work, Everbloom provides sustainable, eco-friendly and cost-effective options across Australia. He favors pastel colors and delicate arrangements – better still, the fittings can last up to seven years depending on their variety. To increase their lifespan, keep them away from direct sunlight and air vents.

Cost: Arrangements range from $69 to $449
Delivery Details: Standard national delivery available across Australia

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