6 U-Pick Flower Farms in Florida Where You Can Pick Your Own Flowers

Nothing like a bouquet of blooming flowers to brighten up your day and invite a little color and joy into your space. In Florida, there are tons of gorgeous flower farms that even let you pick your own stems, making that bushel of petals extra special when you pick your favorite buds. From sunflowers to zinnias and even adorable succulents, these Florida flower farms are a must-have to add to your spring and summer bucket lists.

Besides being a great place to take photos and create your own sunny bouquets, frolicking in a field of flowers is simply good for the heart.

You can spend hours soaking up the bright colors and fresh scents, even taking a little piece of this home with you. Some farms will even create beautiful arrangements for you to choose from, while others will have elaborate mazes to explore.

Perfect for a one-time romantic date, or even just a solo adventure, flower fields are a great place to slow down and, well, smell the flowers!

Most of the places on the list are also very inexpensive, with single stems at $1 each or bushels at $10. You can bring your own baskets and vases to fill as you please at these U-pick farms in Florida.

Sledd U-Pick Farm

Address: P5F3+2C Mims, FL

Why you should go: Depending on the season, you can find towering sunflowers, strawberries, tomatoes, and other produce at this farm, as well as a one-of-a-kind sunflower maze.

Sweetfield Farms

Address: 17250 Benes Roush Rd. Masaryktown, Florida

Why you need to go: Sunflowers abound at this farm, as well as fresh, organic produce. Once you’re done frolicking, you can check out the food and drink vendors for lemonade, wine, hot corn, and pizza.

Berry Bay Farms

Address: 5135 Bonita Dr, Wimauma, Florida

Why you need to go: With tiny and tall sunflowers, vibrant zinnias, plus strawberries, sweet corn, and watermelon, your car will smell so good on the drive home from that farm.

Southern Hills Farms

Address: 16651 Schofield Road. Clermont, Florida

Why you need to go: You can find sunflowers and zinnias at this picking farm with over 120 acres of perennials, including vast acres of blueberries, peach trees and ornamental trees.

Amazing Grace Family Farms

Address: 2899 Wisteria Farms Road Green Cove Springs, FL

Why you need to go: There are tons of things to do at this beautiful family farm, from picking sunflowers and zinnias to wagon rides, family games and even cuddling farm animals.

Isaac Farms

Address: 18800 SW 177 Ave., Miami, Florida

Why you need to go: This farm is a succulent paradise for cactus lovers. With over 500 species of succulents, air plants and orchids to discover, you could spend an entire day picking out new plant babies to take home, along with their creative arrangements and quirky pottery.

Which farm will you visit first? Have a good run!

We strongly advise you to check for the most recent updates on potential hazards, safety, water quality and closures before going swimming or visiting any location. If you plan to visit a place, respect the environment.

Terisa K. Carn