7 Best Flower Delivery Services 2022 for Mother’s Day

Trying to find the perfect floral arrangement (especially for holidays like mother’s day) is not as simple as choosing between roses or hydrangeas. With a multitude of flower delivery services online, it’s important to make sure you find one that’s not only reliable, but also offers affordable options. and up to your standards.

This is why the experts of Good housekeeping institute regularly test the most popular flower delivery services to find the best options for every style and budget. To ensure that the person who receives your bouquet will be 100% satisfied, we subject each bouquet to rigorous laboratory and in-home consumer testing, judging them on a list of criteria including delivery time, initial appearance and longevity.

Here you’ll find our top picks for the best flower delivery services who send all kinds of flowers and greenery across the country, from classic roses by the dozen to live succulents. And for all of you last minute buyers there, we’ve also included a few top-notch services that offer same-day delivery. Once you’ve found a service that meets your needs, you can browse and customize your arrangement.

Our top picks:

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Best Overall Online Flower Delivery Service

Bouqs company.

Best Value Online Flower Delivery Service


Most Convenient Online Flower Delivery Service


Best Local Online Flower Delivery Service


Best Online Plant Delivery Service

The threshold

Best Succulent Plant Delivery Service Online

Lula’s garden

Best online flower delivery service for long-lasting flowers

Venus and Flower

How we test flower delivery services

Our lab analysts have overseen the testing of over 20 flower delivery services over the past decade. In our latest round of testing, conducted in 2022, we evaluated 11 different flower and plant delivery services, collecting data on 33 flower arrangements in total. In addition to lab testing, we also conducted consumer testing for all services to see how the flowers arrived in real homes and how long they lasted. For the sake of anonymity and to test the ease of online ordering, all testers ordered directly from flower delivery services on their own with a gift card provided. During lab testing, for each service, we placed an order of pink roses (if available) in a clear glass vase, paying extra for the vase if necessary. Consumer testers could order any flower bouquet or plant they liked.

Flower delivery services are often given as a gift and the sender does not necessarily see what is actually happening. If they aren’t as attractive as pictured online, or if they fade or sag soon after they arrive, they may be a disappointing gift. By evaluating these services and reporting our findings, we aim to help readers make a more informed purchase.

How to keep flowers fresh

Here are some of our experts’ top tips for keeping your flowers as long as possible:

  • Water: Fill your vase with warm water if it is not already included. Be sure to change the water every other day as this will help keep bacteria away.
  • Food: Most flower deliveries will come with a “food” packet containing a bactericide. Add it to your water according to the directions on the back.
  • Trim: If you must cut your flowers, do so at an angle to help them absorb water more efficiently. You should also remove any leaves from the stem that are down so they don’t contaminate the fresh water.

Why Trust Good Housekeeping

This list was compiled with the help of several Good Housekeeping staff, including Good housekeeping institute Home and Kitchen Appliance Valuation Analyst Eva Bleyer. Eva tests and writes about everything home, kitchenware, culinary products and beyond.

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