Best flower delivery services 2022, from Bloom & Wild to FlowerBx

Bringing vibrant pops of color and joy to our homes, cut flowers are a decorative delight, making them the perfect gift!

With many online flower delivery services available – and given their delicate and fleeting nature – it’s important to know that your flowers will arrive safely and ready to bloom…

We’ve decided to put online florists to the test, to find the ones you can rely on to deliver stunning bouquet after stunning bouquet. We also tested a few indoor plants. But if you want to examine your plant in person before buying it, how about a trip to Homebase to buy our new collection?

How to take care of fresh flowers

Whether you’re looking to keep your tulips from falling or to make your peonies last a few precious days longer, there are several simple steps you can take.

The first occurs before you buy; look for bouquets that contain flowers that are still in bud. These will open once you arrive, which will extend the duration of your arrangement.

Then check the care instructions. It may seem obvious, but some plants like roses have guard petals. These protective outer petals aren’t always the prettiest, but can be removed upon arrival. Care instructions should cover this and will also detail how to use any flower food that comes with it.

Before placing your flowers in a clean vase filled with fresh water, cut the stems. Around an inch, cutting at a diagonal angle is best; this gives them more surface area to absorb water. Also remove any sheets that will be below the waterline.

Refresh the water for your flowers every few days and trim their stems an extra inch as well. Finally, place them away from radiators and direct sunlight. This should prevent them from drying out too quickly.

With houseplants, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Check their care instructions to make sure you understand their water and light needs.

How we test

We’ve enlisted the help of over 100 readers and sent bouquets and plants from 22 different flower delivery services. Each lucky recipient shared their experience with us, telling us about the arrival, packaging, overall look and freshness of their gift.

We also ordered a bouquet and a plant from each service, to evaluate the website and the ease of ordering. We’ve looked at the range of filters, product selection and delivery options available online. Once the bouquets arrived, we also timed how long they stayed fresh.

Here are the ones we turn to for a flowery house:

best flower delivery service

Flowering & Wild

Bloom & Wild’s bouquets have a modern twist that brings instant joy, and its website boasts an equally attractive setup. It’s easy to browse, so you can quickly choose the right bouquet for your loved one, and there’s a chic range of extra gifts if you’re feeling generous. All of our bouquets arrived safely and lasted for three weeks, resulting in rave reviews from our panel; it’s everyone’s new date.

Key specs
Our choice : The Vinnie, £65
Price scale: £25 – £95
Delivery options: Free Royal Mail tracked or Premium DPD delivery on selected days, time slots and Sundays.

Ideal for single species bouquets


A vase overflowing with a single variety of flowers is an easy way to tie table arrangements into your overall decor, and no one does it quite like FlowerBx.

Find your favorites using its species, color and stem length filters, also selecting the number of stems you want. Our bouquet of carnations was exceptional – they came with detailed care instructions and thrived for almost a month. In fact, one of our panel was so smitten with them that they took a cutting to try to propagate the flowers for their garden.

Key specs
We’ve tested : Locked lip eyelets, from £40
Price scale: £40 – £170
Delivery options: Free standard delivery, next day and same day delivery available in London. National delivery only available from Tuesday to Sunday.

Ideal for ethical flowers

arena flowers

For flowers with a conscience, look no further than ethical florist Arena. To offset his emissions, he plants two trees as part of the Eden reforestation projects for each bouquet ordered. The brand also cares about its growers – all stems are either sourced from Fairtrade or from approved ethical farms. In addition, the packaging is free of single-use plastic.

And the bouquets themselves? Well, they stayed fresh for up to 12 days of testing and proved to be real compliment-winners for our panel.

Key specs
We’ve tested : Cookies and Cream, £59
Price scale: £25 – £150
Delivery options: Nationwide, Monday to Saturday.

Ideal for indoor plants

Plant patches

If there’s a spot in your home that needs some greenery, Patch has you covered. Specializing in indoor plants, her site filters products by light and water needs, as well as by room.

Deliveries also come with detailed care instructions, making caring for your new baby plant a breeze. Everyone also said they would turn to the company again.

Note that next day delivery is not always available and there is no specified day delivery, so you cannot guarantee that your order will arrive in time for a special occasion.

Key specs
We’ve tested : Rapunzel
Price scale: £3 – £260 (minimum spend £25)
Delivery options: Standard (free for orders over £30), nominated day, next day and advanced up to 7 days. Not all plants are eligible.

Ideal for gifting plants

Appleyard London

To send plants as gifts, we suggest using Appleyard London. The florist has over 40 choices, each coming in a pot as standard. You can also choose the day you want it to be delivered. In London you can even opt for same-day delivery, but check special occasion restrictions before buying.

Plants got top marks from our panel, while bouquets also proved to be real headliners.

Key specs
Our choice : parlor palm
Price scale: £29.99 – £199.99
Delivery options: Standard Tracking, Premium Tracking and Next Day Tracking; some postcode restrictions. Free shipping with annual subscription.

Ideal for supporting local florists


Think of Flower like Etsy for fresh flowers. Independent florists list their businesses on the market, showcasing their unique creations. Simply enter your delivery postcode to see what’s on offer in your area.

As a result, our orders had a unique touch and were hand-delivered by the florist. This appealed to our panel, with one telling us it was the best bouquet they had ever received.

Although some did not receive business cards to let them know their bouquets had been left in safe places, fortunately this did not affect the overall enjoyment or freshness of the flowers.

Key specs
Our choice : Girls of the Valley, £51
Price scale: £7 – £500
Delivery options: 7 days a week, delivered by the florist.

Best supermarket for flowers

No. 1 Specialty British Tulip Bouquet

With delivery available seven days a week, high quality flowers from Waitrose can get you out of a tight spot. The website lets you browse seasonal selections, through filters that include color and species.

Thoughtful extras are also offered, including luxury scents. Our bouquets looked a little smaller in real life, but they stayed fresh for 10-14 days. The packaging also proved to be reliable.

Key specs
Our choice : No. 1 Specialty British Tulip Bouquet, £32
Price scale: £18 – £150
Delivery options: Next day and same day delivery 7 days a week.

Best supermarket for indoor plants

Marks & Spencer

You’ll find all the classic houseplants covered in M&S, from peace lilies to rubber plants. There are also seasonal offers and ordering is intuitive, from search to payment.

Conveniently, free designated day or next day delivery is also available. At our door the plants arrived safely packaged and with easy to follow care instructions.

Key specs
We’ve tested : Fiscus Robusta, £25
Price scale: £20 – £60
Delivery options: Free delivery on the appointed day.

Ideal for flowers on a budget


You don’t have to break the bank to pack some great flora – Prestige has an affordable range that our testers really liked. Each stem arrived well protected and the bonus box of chocolates was a tasty touch.

We were also impressed with how their customer service helped one of our testers, who received flowers that had already turned brown – a replacement bouquet arrived in no time.

Key specs
We’ve tested : Rose and Freesia, £29.99
Price scale: £19.99 – £159.99
Delivery options: Next day delivery, 7 days a week.

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