Best UK Flower Delivery 2022: Bloom & Wild to Arena Flowers

Who doesn’t love receiving flowers? It’s an easy way to show people you care, and what better time could there be to do it than with an online flower delivery service this Valentine’s Day? Especially since no one wants the stress of lugging a perfectly formed bouquet around town in the midst of a global pandemic.

Fortunately, online flower delivery is easier than ever thanks to a burgeoning wave of flower-buying platforms with illustrious arrangements, convenient delivery windows, and a host of customization options. Not to mention the ever-increasing number of fresh flower subscription services popping up.

Even without the help of a florist with a green thumb, the majority of online florists have plenty of tips and pointers to help you find something that’s right for your situation. And with next-day delivery widely available at most retailers, don’t worry too much about last-minute panic orders. To make the process even smoother, we’ve picked out our favorite online flower delivery services, along with some tips on what to look for.

What are the best online flower delivery services?

Below is our detailed guide to the 12 best online flower delivery services, but if you want a quick pick of our top recommendations, look no further.

  • Best Online Flower Delivery Service: Flowering & Wild (from £23)
    For fresh flowers, all beautifully curated in bouquets that last well beyond their arrival, we can’t fault Bloom & Wild. Add the mailbox-friendly packaging and all the boxes are checked.
  • Best Flower Subscription Service: arena flowers (from £25)
    The Arena Flowers subscription service has been designed with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring that whoever is lucky enough to receive it receives only the finest flowers. Truly the gift that keeps on giving.

What should you look for when buying flowers?

“There are many beautiful flowers that rival traditional roses for more romantic gifts,” says Rosebie Morton, founder of The Real Flower Company. “Think of all the narcissus in spring and the gorgeous, crazy-colored tulips. You might even find sweet peas if the sun has been shining.

Does bouquet size matter when buying flowers online?

While nothing says how much someone means to you like an ostentatious arrangement delivered to their desk or door (accompanied by a life-size teddy bear and an optional barbershop foursome), less can also often be more with flowers. “It’s the composition and the message inside the flowers, not the size that matters,” says Morton. So do your research and timidly find out what flowers, colors and scents do it for them.

Are there any floral trends you should know about right now?

Besides the obvious seasonality, Morton has witnessed a shift that transcends the calendar year. “We are seeing great interest in a return to nature and a more relaxed and wild approach to floral arrangements,” she says, also noting the continued rise in demand for UK flowers.

Are boxed mailbox flowers acceptable?

When you buy flowers online, some florists offer the option of ordering either a hand-picked and hand-delivered bouquet, or a cheaper and sometimes more convenient letterbox bouquet if you know the recipient won’t be there. home to receive them. “They’re certainly fine,” says Morton, “but they can be a little restrictive as the flowers need to be strong and hardy enough to withstand travel and landing on the doormat! Delicate flowers, such as fragrant roses, may not appreciate this.

How do you know if the flowers online will be fresh?

Online businesses are only as good as their reputation. “Make sure you buy from a company that takes pride in its quality, durability, and provenance,” Morton says. “Preferably buy from a place that cultivates its own. This way there is a much higher chance that the flowers will be fresh.

Now, here is our selection of Valentine’s Day bouquets for 2022…

Terisa K. Carn