Cancer Floral Arrangement – Zodiac Sign Flowers for Cancer

This story is part of our Floriscope series, which creates a unique floral arrangement for each zodiac sign.

Calling all crabs! As the sun enters the fourth sign of the zodiac from June 21 to July 22, we celebrate Cancer, the sentimental water sign with an innate desire to nurture.

“The house crab likes to turn its personal space into a sanctuary. Cultivating a sense of home comfort helps them relax and unwind,” says Sanctuary astrologer Lauren Ash. “Cancers love having fresh flowers in their homes. They want to treat their house well,” adds astrologer Lisa Stardust.

To help crabs incorporate natural beauty into their habitats, VERANDA The editors have enlisted Birmingham florist Mark Thompson to design an arrangement that brings the Cancers characteristics to life.

Becky Stayner. Styling: Sara Clark

Thompson created an ethereal, monochromatic display with fragrant garden roses, spear-shaped snapdragons, delicate sugar pea vines, prickly Nile lily and wispy Queen Anne lace.

As the only zodiac sign ruled by the moon, Cancers are represented by the color white as a symbol of purity and luminosity. “Moon-ruled Cancerians are most in tune with their emotions and the feelings of others. They attract friends, relationships, and lovers through their loyalty, commitment, and openness,” Ash explains. “The color white helps this sign tap into their sensitivity and emotional intelligence at their deepest level.”

Cancers also seek out aromatic flowers, such as lilies and roses, to cultivate a sense of peace in their home, as their emotions are constantly changing. “These scents provide a very soothing scent to soothe a Cancer’s mood swings and allow them to be more grounded,” Ash explains.

Thompson added visual interest to the monochrome arrangement by layering a variety of shapes and textures, nodding to the ebb and flow of a Cancer’s emotions. The shape of the bouquet appeals to the romantic side of the crab. “This sentimental sign loves romantic displays of affection, so when it comes to flower arrangements, a classic shape with roses is perfect,” says Ash.

Terisa K. Carn