Flower delivery boy tases mum Buckhead at home: police

ATLANTA — A Buckhead woman was attacked inside her home by a man posing as a flower delivery boy.

The woman shared surveillance video of the man coming to her door and told media she believed she was being harassed.

An Atlanta police report released on Thursday said the incident took place in August when Sabrina Wynn reported an officer outside her subdivision near Canterbury Lane.

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Wynn had her two young sons with her and told the officer a man shot her with a taser after entering her home to deliver a flower arrangement, according to the report.

At around 10:30 a.m. on August 11, a 5-foot-6, middle-aged white man wearing khaki pants and a white shirt came to the door with the bouquet of flowers and asked if it was Sabrina, Wynn said. . the officer.

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He had covered his face with flowers and asked if he could come in to end the arrangement, she told WAGA TV Fox 5 Atlanta. As they entered the house, she said she turned to see the man pointing a Taser at her.

He fired and two of the taser tips hit her at waist level, according to the report, and she was able to fight through the electrical current and pull one of the projectiles out of her skin. She ran upstairs to her children, then came back downstairs with them and fled the house, police said.

Officers offered to take Wynn to the hospital to treat her Taser wounds, but she refused.

Police said they were unable to make security video footage available to officers responding to the incident. However, Wynn recently released the footage to area television media and his personal social media channels.

Sharing her security video with Fox 5 Atlanta, Wynn told the news station that she was afraid some were harassing her, but didn’t know why she was being targeted.

“It’s very disturbing because I don’t have any bills in my name,” she told Fox 5 TV. “My house isn’t in my name. How did he even know my name?”
She has since moved out of the Buckhead household.

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Terisa K. Carn