Flower Delivery Services Review – Consumer Reports

You will spend more than expected. No matter how “affordable” a bouquet looks online, it’s rare to get away with spending less than $50 after including shipping and taxes. Beyond that, the range of options at this price may be limited regardless of which service you buy from. And then if you’re buying a bouquet as a gift and want to include extras like a vase or balloons, that will drive the price up even more.

Where they come from matters. Flowers are grown all over the world, and most land at an auction in Holland, which takes place daily, says Kelly Perry, co-founder of team flower, an online flower education center. From there, brokers buy large batches of flowers, which will go to wholesalers and eventually florists.

The more stops there are in a flower’s journey from farm to home, the more the flowers will be in demand. “If you think about it, the flowers you receive and the number of hands they’ve passed through, it’s unbelievable,” says Perry, attributing the often high cost of bouquets to the multiple levels of transportation they go through. “The important thing with flowers is to figure out where the flowers are coming from in the first place and to cut out as many intermediate steps as possible.”

Consistency is not always acquired. With DTC brands like Farmgirl Flowers sourcing their flowers from farms, the likelihood of receiving a similar or even identical bouquet to what is pictured online is greater than when ordering from a delivery service. type Teleflora, which employs local florists to create arrangements with the freshest flowers available to them.

For example, there have been instances where the number of stems received varied by location, despite being sent by the same company and through the same product listing.

The choices can be overwhelming. Brands like 1-800-Flowers.com and Teleflora flood shoppers with choices. For those who could use the inspiration and the options, it’s not a bad deal. For those feeling intimidated by it all, DTC brands, with their curated collections, might be a better fit.

You can always find deals. Keep an eye out for deals and promotions, especially for first-time buyers. Many brands we reviewed offered 20% off coupons for customers who signed up for email marketing newsletters, while others had monthly subscription plans for a flat fee. Check back during major floral holiday intros (Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day come to mind immediately) for discounts, too.

Taking care of flowers can make a difference. Many services provided care tips and flower food with the delivered bouquets or displayed instructions on the product listing page. Either way, changing the water daily, trimming stems upon arrival, and immediately removing spent flowers can instantly extend the life of your arrangement.

Terisa K. Carn