Gold Coast’s Best Flower Delivery Services

Who doesn’t like to be surprised by a bouquet of flowers? They look pretty, smell great, and make you feel so loved. You know those scenes in movies where someone gets a huge bouquet delivered to their office? And all the colleagues gather and rave about the beauty of the sender? Well, you can be that sender. You can be that hero.

Whether you love peonies or lilies, our local Gold Coast florists are armed with the skills to craft the perfect bouquet and will be happy to deliver them to your designated door. So if you’re looking to spoil someone special this Valentine’s Day or just want to send a little floral happiness to a friend, we’ve sniffed out the best flower delivery services on the Gold Coast, so scroll down for a bit of floral goodness.

Lully & Rose Floral Studio

This luxury boutique Gold Coast florist was voted one of the “Top 10 Best Gold Coast Florists” for 2020 and 2021, a testament to their simplistic and contemporary floral designs. They take the choice to buy flowers with their “leave it to us” style, using the best seasonal flowers and color palette they pick up daily from their local suppliers, which is a good thing if you don’t know your geraniums from your agapanthus (that’s cool, neither do we). Rachael and Andy offer same day fresh flower delivery throughout the Gold Coast, Outback and Northern New South Wales, and with 14 years of industry experience under their belt, you know that he is one of the best contenders for best flower delivery on the Gold Coast.

skeleton leaf

A bespoke florist who deals in fresh flowers, unique gifts and household items. Founder Charlotte studied floristry alongside some of London’s top florists before moving to Australia in 2014 where she shared her skills with us lucky Gold Coasters. skeleton leaf sprinkle their love flowers from northern New South Wales to the center of the Gold Coast and you can add a little something extra to the delivery, like wine and chocolates. It’s 2022, and the Skeleton Leaf team is well aware of the high standards of gift recipients these days – if you think your girl loves flowers, then blow her away and add the wine and chocolates. You’ll be in the good books for a long time.

Botanical Black Flower

In case you missed the memo, dried flowers are IN and it doesn’t look like our love for them is going away any time soon. Botanical Black Flower is our favorite dried flower specialist on the coast and is dedicated to finding unique flowers to create stunning floral arrangements you’ll want to keep to yourself. Fortunately, they offer a flower delivery service across the Gold Coast, so you won’t have the option of having them stolen. AT Botanical Black Flower you’ll find a range of bespoke wall decorations, flower bouquets, dried wreaths and more, in a range of tones from soft pastels to dark, moody hues.

The borrowed nursery

If you want to give the gift that keeps on giving, send your loved one a potted plant that will bring the same energy and freshness into your loved one’s home or workplace. You don’t see houseplant deliveries in a lot of romantic comedies, but there are practical benefits: they last a lot longer, they oxygenate your room, and they look fresher (these days, anyone without a little rainforest in his apartment is waaaaaay late). Okay, technicallyiii The borrowed nursery is not a florist but we love these ladies and take every opportunity to honk for those crafty green thumbs! Choose from lush ferns, succulents, cool concrete pots or explore their cute gift box delivery service for a pressie that won’t be dead in a week.

Posy Lane Co

these independent florists hit the nail on the head with their delivery-only service. Every day they have a different and unique floral arrangement that sits beautifully in a glass jar and is delivered locally for the sweet price of $39. You can pre-order in advance so it doesn’t have to be a last minute thing either and it’s kind of like a box of chocolates because you never know what your lucky recipient is going to get. They deliver their beautiful flowers from northern New South Wales to the northern Gold Coast, so you can bet your bottom dollar that Posy Lane Co will have your back. Speaking of your bottom dollar, they do free delivery to a range of southern and central Gold Coast suburbs. Healthy atmosphere.

Bee flowers and plants

If you are looking for a group that will make a grand entrance, allow the maestros to Bee flowers and plants do the honors. The creative genius behind the flowers, Belle creates some of the most colorful and structurally creative flower arrangements on the Gold Coast, sending high-end floral arrangements to homes, weddings, events and cafes. As well as being environmentally conscious, Belle has an affinity for bright, bold, locally sourced flowers and we love that you can add a seasonal plant, candle or cocktail shaker to your flower delivery. If that didn’t convince you, they also took the top spot as Gold Coast Bulletin’s Best Florist for 2021.

Moss N Stone

It would be a crime not to include the institution that moss and stone in our round-up of the best flower delivery services on the Gold Coast. This iconic florist takes a fresh approach, designing unique arrangements from flowers and foliage, for weddings, special occasions, your average weekday and Valentine’s Day. They are absolute pros at creating magic with flowers, offering a huge range of bouquets, market bouquets and native flowers. She’s not just your typical florist — she can add houseplants, craft gifts, unique homewares, and gorgeous skincare products to your bouquet. According to the price, you can decide how much you want to spend in the name of love. By far one of the best flower deliveries the Gold Coast has to offer.

Alba Roses

If the only way to say it is with roses (duh), then Alba Roses at Nobby’s Beach is the way to go. Although they specialize in roses which are delivered daily from local growers, they often visit morning flower markets to pick a range of gorgeous stems (think tulips, bouquets and lilies) to arrange in stunning mixed seasonal bouquets. They deliver across the Gold Coast and Brisbane six days a week and in case you haven’t already been sold, their Nobby Beach store is home to flower pup Frankie, so you can cuddle up with your bouquet. That’s what we call a win-win.


This superb florist knows how to evoke emotion through fauna and flora, that’s for sure. It all started with the humble crown of flowers when founder Ness began creating photo shoot magic with gushing brides allowing her passion to blossom into her own business. Her creations are floral feasts for the eyes and can be delivered the same day. She can even deliver them herself from Brisbane to northern New South Wales and everywhere in between.

Flowers not your thing? Fair enough. They die and everything. Discover our overview of Gold Coast’s coolest gift delivery services.

Image credit: Bee’s Blossoms & Plants, Lully and Rose, Fleur Noir Botanical and Ellamay Photo

Terisa K. Carn