Letterbox flowers: 13 best letterbox flower delivery services in the UK

We can’t always spend IRL time with those we love, pandemic or otherwise, so we have to show them our appreciation in other ways. mailbox flowers make awesome Mother’s Day Gift Ideas / Gifts for Sisters / Gifts for Best Friend / Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her / New Home Gifts etc. A beautiful bouquet of flowers rarely disappoints and letterbox flowers reign supreme as their simplest form.

Sure, we’ve already rounded up the best UK flower delivery services and dipped deep into the trendy world of dried flowers, but letterbox flowers are something of a specialty. Not all major flower delivery services offer a letterbox delivery option, so it’s worth finding out which ones do. By preventing “sorry I missed you” postcards or giant bouquets from being taken to the local sorting office, letterbox flowers will fit perfectly through their front door if they’re out.

The best online flower delivery services for Valentine’s Day

The best letterbox flowers can be ordered with next day delivery, so if you leave your shopping for beautiful flowers to the very last minute (oops!), you don’t have to worry. Also, since most mailbox flowers come in a button to save space in the box, they will last quite a long time. Not just five days. We’re talking over two weeks, in many cases. A gift that tough.

Are there any downsides to ordering mailbox flowers as opposed to their pre-arranged counterparts? Not really, to be honest, apart from the fact that they don’t come in water, which means they’ll need to be pruned and put in a pretty sharp vase after delivery. They can also arrive a little flaccid, but don’t worry, they’ll straighten up as soon as you give them a good drink.

What are the best mailbox flowers to buy?

Flowering & Wild reigns supreme as best mailbox flowers for choice. You can filter their mailbox selection by season, event like Valentine’s day Where Mothers’ Day (The cat is our favorite arrangement in this category), price (like ‘under £35’) or style (‘bold and bright’ or ‘pastels’). Your recipient can enjoy over 15 unique stems (whose buds are wrapped in widely recyclable petal protectors) and since they come in bud, they’ll last for ages. The packaging is lovely, with flowers tied in a ribbon next to food and care instructions, plus you can choose a beautifully illustrated note card to send with your bouquet for free. The perfect pick-me-up.

the best mailbox flowers for delivery options are Serenata flowers. Although they don’t have an app, their website is very easy to navigate and there are plenty of delivery options. Most bouquets are available for next day delivery and you can track your order to the point of delivery. Our flowers arrived in a vibrant blue box, beautifully tied with flower food and care instructions. Flowering lasted a good two weeks with regular maintenance and the price-performance ratio is excellent. Their best-selling mailbox bouquet right now is the Little Star Bouquet – a superb selection of rainbow tulips.

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