Lion floral arrangement – Floriscope Lion by VERANDA

“Lightweight, fun and spontaneous, there’s no shortage of adventures for a Leo,” says Sanctuary astrologer Lauren Ash. Throughout history, we have looked to the stars for mystical guidance, and as the sun enters the fifth sign of the zodiac from July 23 to August 22, we evoke the larger-than-life spirit of the lion with flowers. For the Leo floral horoscope (or as we like to call it, the floriscope), read on.

Claiming the limelight comes naturally for Leos — after all, they’re the only sun-ruled zodiac sign, which controls ego, self-identity, and where one shines in life. “In astrology, the sun represents the self and the desires of the heart. Likewise, this zodiac sign is synonymous with creativity and self-expression,” adds Ash. The central star qualities of Leos are often intoxicating to those around them, and they are commonly described as bold, brilliant, and regal.

Floriscope Lion

Becky Stayner

To reimagine the lively lion persona, Birmingham, Alabama-based florist Mark Thompson created a dynamic arrangement with a flower worthy of that sign: sunflowers. “Sunflowers are the perfect representation of royal Leos. This plant is known to turn towards the sun, which is similar to how Leos are known to be drawn to the heat of spotlights,” Ash adds.

Inspired by Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh’s still lifes, Thompson’s radiant sunflower display layers various flower selections to capture the fiery color palette associated with Lions. “The color most traditionally associated with this sign is gold, as it symbolizes royalty, wealth, success and abundance, with a nod to their regal nature,” the astrologer explains. Rich reds and dark oranges can also embody the personality of the lion; these powerful colors can energize and motivate Leos to discover the life of passion and excitement they seek.

Terisa K. Carn