Magic City Flower Market Opens April 29 in Avondale: Flower Fans Rejoice

Ranunculus is still a favorite among flower lovers in Birmingham. Photo by Sarah Marshall

From April 29, Magic City Flower Market is bringing locally grown flowers to Birmingham. It’s at rose gold flowers in Avondale (directly opposite The Abbey Coffee Shop). On Mondays during the growing season, it is open from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Who launched the market?

Rosegolden Flowers owner Holly Carlisle is a floral designer who uses local produce.  She organizes the Magic City flower market
One of Holly Carlisle’s stunning floral designs. Photo by Sarah Marshall

Floral designer and owner of Rosegolden Flowers holly carlisle hosts the Magic City Flower Market. By opening her shop to local producers, she offers a temperature-controlled place where they can share their products with creators, restaurants and the general public.

An advantage for growers is that they don’t have to throw away the flowers at the end of the day. As you can imagine, this is a common challenge with farmers markets under the hot Alabama sun.

Kelly Wood and Sarah Marshall of Grace Gardens in Roebuck Springs are the founders of this new market.

Kelly Wood of Grace Gardens and her farming partner Sarah Marshall are the founders. Kelly has long been passionate about bringing the farm-to-vase movement to Birmingham.

She and Sarah work together on the farm. Now they are creating this new opportunity for local flower growers to build deeper relationships with the local flower-loving community.

Holly, Kelly and Sarah want to develop the local flower market in Birmingham. Plus, they want to bring the joy of seasonally appropriate fresh cut flowers to the community.

Which local producers are part of the market?

Three local flower farms are part of the new Monday Flower Market in Avondale.
Hepzibah Farms grows such pretty flowers. . . Photo by Sarah Marshall

Here are the farmers who are currently participating:

How does the Magic City Flower Market work?

Local Birmingham flower growers now have a collective market on Mondays in Avondale.  Anyone can come buy at the stem.
Foxgloves, snapdragons and buttercups. Photo by Sarah Marshall

Come buy at the rod. It’s so easy.

100% of the product available is grown locally.

This is Birmingham’s premier local flower market. We are excited to start. Our hope is to enrich the lives of those who buy our beautiful flowers! We hope that the nature of this local market will inspire others to appreciate what is happening outside around us and deepen the appreciation of each season’s produce. Our product is real and in harmony with what nature designed. Our flowers bring us an abundance of joy and we can’t wait to spread that love with Birmingham.

Founders Kelly Wood and Sarah Marshall

If you’re a fan of local flowers, don’t miss opening day: Monday, April 29, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Rosegolden in Avondale. Follow the Magic City Flower Market on Instagram for updates and inspiration.

Rosegolden Flowers is at 130 41st Street S, Birmingham, Alabama 35222. Call (205) 401-5659 with any questions.

Terisa K. Carn