‘Selling Sunset’ cast slammed for calling Christine ‘small’ over Heather’s flower arrangement

Season 5 of “Selling Sunset” didn’t hold back when it came to drama, even though it was all about Christine Quinn. While there were other storylines this season, they were all shamelessly overshadowed by Christine’s every action, thanks to the reactions of the girls in Group O.

As much as the women claimed they didn’t want to go all out on Christine, they failed, seeing that the conversation always came back to their declared villainess no matter what they did or said.

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Interestingly enough, even at Heather Rae Young’s bridal shower, somehow Christine became the most important subject, even though she wasn’t there! After their fallout, Heather didn’t invite Christine to her bridal shower. She was hurt for the same, seeing that Heather was fully involved in her marriage before. So Christine had flowers sent instead of the bridal shower as a sign of goodwill. The flowers, Christine-style, were over the top and even came with a very moving letter. However, neither of the women were amused and were quick to accuse Christine of trying to shower Heather all around her. Fans, however, thought the whole accusation was a reach.

“Not the ladies who got mad that Christine sent Heather a beautiful bridal shower gift…like come on she wasn’t invited and yk she’s over the flowers were amazing and if I was Heather, my jaw would drop and i would cry for joy. #SellingSunset,” one fan tweeted. “What’s so inappropriate about sending flowers? Girls are so weird it’s literally just a gift???” Christine: sends a beautiful flower arrangement to all the girls in the sorority: “What an inappropriate bitch ‘#SellingSunset’,” one fan joked. was ever meant for you #SellingSunset,” another said. “I just feel like there are 100 more ways Christine could have been petty or inappropriate rather than spending a ton of money on all of these flowers #SellingSunset,” one fan said.

But not everyone was on Team Christine, as some fans wholeheartedly agreed that Christine’s motives were as sinister as they come. “Christine definitely sent them flowers to let them know she wasn’t invited. Those flowers above were calculated like this! #sellingsunsets5 #SellingSunset,” one fan tweeted. “The flowers Christine sent to the bridal shower were just too much, sending normal fucking flowers I think she meant to upset Heather #SellingSunset,” a fan added. “Amanza and Emma were 100% right about Christine’s intentions with the flowers. It was to make her presence known and it was all about her, not Heather. #SellingSunset,” one fan tweeted.

Season 5 of “Selling Sunset” is now streaming on Netflix.

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Terisa K. Carn