The Best Online Flower Delivery Companies for Spring Bouquets

Floward only deliver to Greater London, but we’ve included them here simply because, for the eight or nine million people who live there, their promise of same-day delivery could be a real lifesaver. Their hundreds of bouquets (to which you can add gifts from L’Occitane, Wedgewood and other whimsical names) start at under £50 and go up to £1,250, if you want ‘I love you’ to be written in red and pink roses.

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How to make flowers last longer at home?

Changing the water every few days is a no-brainer, but there are less obvious tricks to keep your bouquet fresher for longer.

“Your vase is really, super important,” says Sophie Powell, Principal of McQueens Flower School. “Plastic and metal – these particular materials breed bacteria much faster than a glass vase, so maybe invest in a really nice glass vase.”

If you’re using a plastic or metal vase, Powell recommends changing the water daily — otherwise, change it every few days. You can often tell when the water needs to be changed because it will turn cloudy.

When filling your vase, you should use cold water, says Powell, because it’s “like slowing down the aging process.” Hot water, as well as warmer environments like window sills, encourage flowers to bloom earlier, which means they will have a shorter lifespan.

Trimming your stems every few days can also help your flowers live longer. “A lot of times when they’re sucking up water, they suck up whatever’s in the water, which can often block the ends of the stems – so cut them off. It’s a bit like cutting your hair – getting rid of split ends. She recommends taking 1cm cuts each time.

How long should a bouquet of flowers last?

A good-quality bouquet of fresh, seasonal flowers should last five days, advises Powell.

However, this will vary depending on the rods. “If you bought something a little softer – more like wildflowers, dainty little things – they might not last as long because their natural habitat is in a shady environment – in a park or something. “

Why buy seasonal flowers?

Most flower delivery sites boast that they only use flowers that are in season, but why does that matter? “If they’re not in season, they’ll often be very small compared to their normal size,” says Powell. “So if you were expecting really nice off-season peonies, you’d have tiny little balls.”

Looks can be deceiving on flower delivery sites, she adds. “A lot of the pictures taken will be for the most luxurious size – it will be the largest size – so always check the size depicted in the picture otherwise you might think you are getting 100 red roses when in fact you are not. get that ten.

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