The Best Online Flower Delivery Service for 2022

Don’t underestimate the power of flowers to transform someone’s day. Whether you’re sending a bouquet to mark a holiday, celebrate a milestone, or pamper after a fight, we think UrbanStems is the best flower delivery service. Of the nine companies we tried, her elegant arrangements were the prettiest, freshest, best packaged, and easiest to order.

Our choice


Of all the companies we tried, this one delivered the most beautiful and interesting flower arrangements. UrbanStems offers a good variety of modern and affordable bouquets, and its site is easy to navigate.

The flowers from UrbanStems were, by far, the best we had received, especially considering their reasonable price. The Macchiato and The Catalina arrangements were more attractive and stayed fresh longer than the bouquets we ordered which cost twice as much. (In case you become attached to a particular bouquet, keep in mind that specific arrangements tend to come and go as their component flowers come in and out of season.) UrbanStems is also easy: filters that simplify sorting by categories such as price, color or occasion. You can choose to add a vase (there are usually a few choices that increase the price of the bouquet by $12 to $25) and even candies, chocolates or candles. Plus, each bouquet includes a “recipe” on the site that lists each type of flower included (helpful if you know your recipient’s favorite flower or just want to learn more about what you like). Delivery time also varies depending on where the bouquet is going and how it is delivered. Same day delivery is possible in parts of Washington, DC and New York; for the rest of the country (except Hawaii and Alaska), FedEx takes care of the deliverysometimes the very next day.

Budget choice



Costco’s flower arrangements aren’t as fancy as those from other companies we’ve tested, but the flowers were fresh and lasted nearly a week. Above all, the price is among the most affordable we’ve found and ordering is simple.

The floral arrangements offered by Costco are not as modern or elegant as those offered by Teleflora and UrbanStems. But Costcos are pretty traditional, and most of them cost a lot less than the offerings from these other services. Costco ships its flowers via different carriers, depending on location, and sometimes offers next-day delivery on select bouquets. Keep in mind that Costco doesn’t deliver Saturday through Monday, which means it might not be the best service for last-minute or weekend flower needs. And while you don’t need to be a member to order flowers at Costco, there’s a 5% surcharge for non-members.

Also great



Teleflora’s bouquets are classically pretty, and the site is fairly easy to navigate. Unlike our other picks, it relies on a network of local florists for same-day shipping.

Teleflora uses local florists to fulfill its orders. This means consistency between cities may vary, but it also means the company can always provide a large selection of flowers the same day you order. Teleflora is also the only one of our picks that ships to Hawaii and Alaska. The Blush Life bouquet we ordered was beautiful, and all the flowers and filler smelled great and looked great for a week. Ordering from Teleflora is simple, with the ability to filter by occasion, color, same-day delivery, or flower type. Yet unlike the prices on UrbanStems or Costco, Teleflora’s initial price was somewhat misleading: our $70 bouquet ended up costing $92, after taxes and an $18 service charge (what Teleflora calls its shipping). Teleflora’s fees are comparable to UrbanStems, but you have to click through a few more pages at checkout to see the price breakdown. However, if you need beautiful flowers sent the same day, we think this is a good option.

Terisa K. Carn