UrbanStems Versus the Bouqs: best flower delivery service

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Gone are the days of having to call 1-800-FLOWERS to order a bouquet. Online flower brands make the process of sending flowers easier and more personal, since you can choose the arrangement that best suits your recipient.

We’ve ordered dozens and dozens of bouquets over the years as part of our testing for best flower delivery services. In numerous rounds of testing, two brands have always fought for the top spot: The Bouqs and UrbanStems. While UrbanStems currently takes the top spot in our guide, our staff is still filled with The Bouqs loyalists who often complain about its lack of status on our leaderboards. Additionally, The Bouqs recently claims to have fixed issues that have led to inconsistent quality in the past.

Considering all of this, we thought we’d settle the matter once and for all. Three testers from across the country ordered a bouquet each from The Bouqs and UrbanStems. To keep things as fair as possible, each tester made sure that the bouquets they chose from each brand were similar in size and flower type.

See how The Bouqs and UrbanStems compare below.

Terisa K. Carn